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Citizenship Training Camp

Citizenship training plays a most vital role in training program. The training is to develop the intelligence and character of each citizen. It regards so that the notion can be enriched by attaining power of the entire individual to express their own contribution for developing the society. The overall curriculum aims at developing the skills of subject both in primary and secondary education, which appears at the beginning of citizenship programme. The purpose of the camp is to empower young people with the skills, knowledge and conviction to participate in democratic and public life.


After the completion of camp the student teacher:

  • Develop awareness about community life.
  • Mingle with the rural people; it’s an opportunity to understand the life and problems of the rural people.
  • Develop the attitude of co-operation, mutual understanding and adjustment.
  • Develop dignity of labour.
  • Develop the characteristic of organization, participatory and equality among student teacher.