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Semester Syllabus

First Semester
Sl.No Code Paper
1. PEC1 Knowledge and Curriculum
2. PEC2 Psychology of the learner
3. PEC3 Information and communication technology
4. EPC1 Language across the curriculum
Optional Courses (any one)
5. OC1 Action research
6. OC2 Education of Exceptional children
7. OC3 Environmental education
8. OC4 Guidance and counseling
9. OC5 Library and school organization
10. OC6 Multimedia and e-learning
11. OC7 Population education
12. OC8 Physical and Health Education
13. OC9 Value education
14. INT1 Internship (Two Weeks)
Second Semester
Sl.No Code Paper
15. PEC4 Contemporary India  and education
16. PEC5 Learning process and measurement
17. PEC6 Instructional technology
18. PSS1A Pedagogy of school subject-1
19. PSS2A Pedagogy of school subject-2
20. EPC2 Understanding the self(personality development)
21. INT2 Internship (Two Weeks)
Third Semester
Sl.No Code Paper
22. PEC7 Educational administration and management
23. PEC8 Inclusive education
24. PEC9 Gender, school and society
25. PSS1B Pedagogy of school subject-1
26. PSS2B Pedagogy of school subject-2
27. EPC3 Yoga and health education
28. EPC4 Drama and art in education
29. INT3 Internship (Four weeks)
Fourth Semester
Sl.No Code Paper
30. INT4 Internship (Twelve weeks)