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Library is well placed in big hall measuring 21.4 X 9.5 sq.mts (193.30 sq.mts) equipped with sufficient number of lighting and hygienic well ventilated natural light and fresh air in abundance. Reading tables and chairs and systematically arranged to accumulate 100 students at time. Library Department consist the following Staff- one librarian with one Library assistant.

  • Sri. Vishwanatha G – Librarian
  • Smt. Kavitha Harvishetter – Library Assistant

Arrangements of books:

Books are classified broadly according to Dewey Decimal Classification System with little modification so as to suit the B. Ed. syllabus books on different subjects are neatly placed in open stack room. Further, the arrangement of shelves is according to the array of subjects as appear in the syllabus. The books on Kannada and English medium are kept separately.

Open access system:

The special feature of the library is its OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM, where books are brought very close to the readers with the result staff are students will be having easy accessibility to find their choice of books on the shelves without any interference. Though open access will necessitate greater care and responsibility on the part of the library staff this system is opted to library the reading habits of the students and restore their live for books.

Lib soft library software:

LIBSOFT is a multi user package designed and developed by a team of library professionals and software professionals for effective management of a library from all aspects. This package has been designed to handle huge volumes at lightning speed thus saving manpower. Libsoft is a Windows / Web based software and it runs in any Windows environment and hence it has excellent Graphical User Interface. A library is completely computerised only if the user, irrespective of background or knowledge, is able to access information available in the library from anywhere just by typing few words.


Available e-resources through the N-LIST Programme are e-journals, e-books, databases etc.